Sunday, June 28, 2009

Three Wishes on the way!

Well, yesterday was not exactly what I was expecting to begin my first week of summer at home... We woke up to a flooded front yard! A pipe had broken and so hubby and I being very creative, fixed it!!! He did all the heavy work, what a great guy I married!

After all of the fun, I was able to settle down and work on my latest creation...Meet Jeannie, she is being stuffed in this photo. She is a beaded felt Jeannie with a bottle!

You will be able to see her tomorrow on my Etsy shop at
For all of you who want a peek, here she is!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Teacher of the Year

I just had to do a post about a wonderful woman. My daughters 2ND grade teacher Ms. C.W. She has the patience of a saint!! My Katie adored her.
As teachers we have to always remember the impact we can have on our students. We are the ones who make them want to come to school every day.

Ms. CW is one of those teachers, as were all of the teachers Katie has had so far...We are so lucky!!
She loves school and learning.
Here is a little doll we gave her to show her our thanks!

Thank you again!!! A wonderful summer wish to all teachers.
PS. I just listed one on my Etsy shop!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Schools Out!!!

It is finally Summer vacation for me!!! I think the end of the school year is the hardest for teachers. There is so much to get done to close out and the kids are so excited. I finished at my school last week. Then this week I had a textbook committee workshop. So today I am officially FREE!!!

I have been working on some paper doll necklaces. They are laminated with a heavy plastic coating to protect them. They are on a chiffon ribbon and they match my 'Dream Girl' dolls collection. Come check out my shop at

There is also a plush Jeannie in the making! Complete with her bottle. She will be on this week!
Happy Summer!!!