Sunday, December 14, 2008

10 Days Till Christmas!

I am not sure how to get it all done in ten days! I haven't put the tree up yet because my in laws are coming and they have visual problems. See we have a huge 7' white tree and I am afraid it will be hard for them to get around all the decorations. So tomorrow I am going to get a small tree and put it in the corner of the family room so it is out of their way.
Last night my husband and daughter and I the Middle School chorus class to the Virginia Beach Festival of lights. It was so beautiful! A full moon glowing on the ocean waves and beautiful lights wrapping the boardwalk. It would have been very romantic if we didn't have a bus of screaming kids!
Anyway, they all had a great time including hot chocolate for all that sang.

On another note, I have a small illustration of a gingerbread house that I have been sending as a small tag with all of my Etsy purchases this month. Thought you might like to see it.


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

How kind of you to rearrange your Holiday for your inlaws! You are surely in the Christmas Spirit! Bless you for your kindness and consideration! Hugs~Sharon

a corgi said...

that festival of lights looks interesting!!! that is kind of you to accommodate your inlaws by putting up a tree out of the way to keep them safe; I'm sure it will be very much appreciated


Logos said...

Lol. You're too funny to read! Very thoughtful of you on your inlaws, and you and you're family are obviously enjoying the holidays! I just found your blog today, and was just so thrilled with your work, art and dedication. I'm definitely becoming your follower today! - Paola

Plaidfuzz said...

Very cute illustration!