Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer Angels

This always happens to me!!!
I have about three weeks left before school starts and I get really busy with orders. I LOVE IT!!!
It is so much fun to line up my projects. I actually cut all the fabrics out and put them in zip lock bags. I label them by due dates. Then I can grab a bag and my sewing basket and head out to wherever the family wants to go. I did Chucky Cheese yesterday...the moms must have thought I was CRAZY!! But my little Katie played in the maze area, and I could sit right at the opening and watch her have fun! NICE!!

So, I have an ETSY friend who has been in Somerset Magazine and the sister magazines several times. She has encouraged me to send in some work. So I made this Angel and I am sending her in!
You must stop by Your Angil's shop at the link above. If you are looking for unique tags, supplies and fun stuff in will love it!!


Soyun Park said...

What wonderful angels~ You did a great work! Wish you a best luck on your business and school work!

Tammy said...

Aw your angels are gorgeous! I love your work. So unique and adorable items.