Monday, September 7, 2009

First Day of School

Well, tomorrow the students are back to school. Teachers were back last week in Virginia Beach. We have classes to take, classrooms to set up, and copies to make. It is a lot of work.
I am all ready, except for a few seating charts I will finish tonight when my daughter goes to bed.
It was a strange summer, good, but strange! I was on a few textbook committees, I had a class to take. Then our air conditioner died, my car battery died, I broke my was odd! I did not rest and sleep in. I got up and worked on my dolls and my Etsy shop.
When I got back in the classroom last week, it felt good. I felt back on schedule. It will most likely change tomorrow and I will wish we were back at the beach!
I had a wonderful time with my husband and daughter. We had so much fun together all summer.
It will be hard to see her walk into her 3rd grade classroom tomorrow morning...where did my baby go???? And my husband will be at another school for part of the day this year. (We have worked together for ten years).
So there are adjustments to make, but I am excited to see those smiling faces, well most of them at least. I teach art, and it is Middle school, but most of them smile!
So I am off to are some last minute photos of what I am working on and me and my cat Macy. Happy Fall everyone!

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