Sunday, April 18, 2010

Summer Fairies

I am definitely getting that itch for summer vacation! It has been a very long school year for many reasons. My father in law has come to live with us. He is a very gentle and sweet man. He cannot see, so we are the caregivers as well as shoppers, rides to appointments, meals and much more.... It is so sad to think that he has other family here in Virginia Beach who refuse to be a part of his life and have left it all to us. Needless to say with working full time jobs, plus my little business, we are exhausted!
So when I finish a new doll it is a real accomplishment!
Here is a Little fairy I have finished as a custom order that will go out tomorrow! She has several layers of glittery tulle, some vintage fabrics and Angelina batting for hair!


Pepi said...

Hola, llevaba mucho tiempo sin venir a visitarte y madre mía, que cantidad de preciosidades has estado haciendo, me encantan todas tus creaciones. Besos.

Julie Ann said...

She's so pretty!!

Olivet Congregational Church said...

i adore all of your
heart soft beautiful
fairies & beings!
love love love them!
such a delight to find you. x

rachel awes said...

oh my goodness.
i have 2 gmail accounts
& apparently i was logged
in to my church account
(olivet)in the above comment!!
well, it was from ME!! :)