Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nesting Dolls Everywhere!!

I've spent the past two weeks designing some nesting dolls. I have always loved the little Russian wooden dolls! I started out making three fabric dolls. They I saw my daughter coloring on some brown paper bags with colored pencils...MY Colored Pencils!!! But it looked great!!! So I took some of my coffee/ vanilla baked tags and did a few drawings on them. These are not prints...they are the real thing!!!
See what you think.

Oh yeah...I've added a new "Lion image" to the back of all of my 2010 dolls. Just in keeping with my Mommylion theme!!

1 comment:

Linda Ruthie said...

Your fabric dolls are, as always, adorable. But I have just fallen in LOVE with those tags! The colors are wonderful and such sweet faces. I so enjoy seeing your creations.